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  4. Iwebz Testimonial

    http://interwebz.cc/forum/clients/referrals/ This exists, but I guess it doesnt affect anything

    Nice to hear that
  6. My updated review

    Gud review
  7. gave me 1 warning point... not a good mod dont recommend as admin!!

  8. Cheats no read

    When i try to load the cheats it says halal error 0xC000003A How do i fix it?
  9. PSC Cheat

    I guess it's actually 25€ too, cause i got the message to spend 25€ and not 20€.
  10. PSC Cheat

  11. PSC Cheat

    Do i need to buy it for 20 euro if i want to buy with psc or 15 ?
  12. Still not activated

    ty for the info
  13. Still not activated

    Sorry for the delay, I processed all waiting PSC payments.
  14. IWEBZ

    explain what the issue is maybe i can help
  15. IWEBZ

    go here select what you wanna buy and pay (?) Maybe you should explain what's your issue
  16. IWEBZ

    Hi. I have problem with purchase iwebz. Is there any pole who explains me how to buy it?
  17. Iwebz Testimonial

    nice review
  18. Iwebz Testimonial

    no referral system thats of any meaning rn also rip the reverted wins from the OW'd acc thanks for testi
  19. Iwebz Testimonial

    I'm going to preface this little statement with the fact that Iwebz isn't the best client if you want to HvH. However, it's also not incapable nor terrible at it. And if you're only looking to legit cheat, then you're going to find the array of various settings specifically for that to be very good. It's not what I bought Iwebz for, but the legitimacy you can get out of Iwebz is a solid 10/10. So I didn't buy Iwebz for legit. So what did I? I just told you it's not the best for HvH. That's exactly what I bought it for after a 1 month trial run of the client. I've never enjoyed a cheat like I've enjoyed Iwebz. I don't know why, but it's been the most fun I've had out of a cheat client. I chose today to write this to mourn the loss of my Iwebz-only rage account. It's used Iwebz since January, and on this account for the last few months. I'm no closet kid. My Default config is literally all-off. I play non-Prime MM in the search for finding people who closet cheat (or even simply rage) and have a good game, whether we get detroyed by another P2C, or an I2C, or we win. Do you know what's interesting? Iwebz usually wiins. Even against Aimware (and on one occasion Stylez and Euphoria). The past 2-3 months we've lost only 2 games (both were not in our favour to win anyway), and it's probably surprised me the most. Iwebz isn't known for its HvH, but it seems perfectly capable of performing against your go-to HvH clients. tl;dr: Iwebz beats Aimware (and Stylez for some reason). Thoroughly enjoyed HvH MM'ing with Iwebz. Probably going to continue subscribing. 2nd oldest smurf I have finally OW banned after 9 months of Iwebz. On a final note: pasted cheats have no problem resolving Iwebz. But they can't deal with fakelag or backtracking so fuck them. Does Iwebz have a referral system? I've gotten 2 people to use Iwebz.
  20. Still not activated

    okay thx
  21. Still not activated

    we are trying to reach @cROWN, be patient, the psc wont be used until you get vip
  22. Still not activated

    Have you messaged him again asking y?
  23. Still not activated

    Patience is a key to succes
  24. Still not activated

    Hey , about 2 days ago i bought interwebz with PSC. After ~ 30 minutes i got a message from crown in which he wrote that my psc worked and it could take about 48h to get activated, but after 48h im still not activated.
  25. Blue > Purple :^)

    Code faster nerd

  26. PSC Cheat

    Oh thanks
  27. PSC Cheat

    theyre manually checked so it can take a few hours
  28. PSC Cheat

    I bought an interwebz over a pay safe card. http://interwebz.cc/forum/pscpayment/ through this I've bought it. when I'm about to be activated
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