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    Upcoming HvH Cheat

    We are announcing an upcoming Hack vs Hack/Rage cheat which will be available during november 2017. It will be developed by @dev and hosted by us. Eventhough we will not be developing the cheat ourselves, we can guarantee it will be strong and exclusively made for HvH/Rage. It will most likely have about 100-150 slots and be loaded through our client and website. All features have been conceptualized and the project is already in development. This will be completely independent from our own cheats and will get its own slot in the client. We will keep you updated on the progress (Pictures, features, etc.). Current price in mind is slot+1 month: 35€ then each renewal of 1 month 25€
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    3 year anniversary

    Hello, Interwebz will become 3 years old on 23.10.2017. To celebrate it we will apply an discount for 3 days starting from 21.10.2017 till 23.10.2017 All products will be discounted by 25% (Not stackable with BTC / Skrill). PSC prices are still the same, only the PSC fee will be dismissed during sales. Best Regards The Interwebz Staff
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    My updated review

    I feel like I should do another review since within the past few months Ive gotten a bit more into stuff than I was during my last review Usability 10/10 The in game menu looks pretty good and is simple enough. The config cloud makes creating, modifying and sharing aswell as importing other peoples configs super easy and is a neat little feature. In general, everything to do with the cheat itself including the forums is fairly easy to use. You can find the main links you'll need in the top navigation and a bunch of useful topics are pinned in the correct section so they're not hard to find either. Plus theres a search function surprisingly few people know of :^) Legit 10/10 Have the right settings and your aim wont be shaky or snappy at all aka. very legit. Aim works flawlessly and so do the visuals. Never been Overwatch banned playing legit. Rage/HvH 5/10 Yeah, so. You can rage pretty well and stomp some legits but when it comes to HvH, as far as I know the resolver is a little outdated. Which is fine since Interwebz isnt focusing on the rage/HvH part of the cheat but moreso on the legit one. It just gets pretty frustrating when you cant seem to hit anything but get one tapped out of your AA more than youd like to. Been using a bunch of different configs over the course of the last 2 weeks playing Hydra, sometimes I'd get an acceptable score, mostly a bad one which partially has to do with my inexperience in HvH too. After all, and that counts for legit too, Interwebz has a lot of features and things to adjust so you can literally have whatever you want. Community 7/10 + Honorable Mentions In my last review I gave 2/10 points due to some points and Im still not a fan of casually calling everyone autistic and immature stuff aswell as little kiddo scammers like @somix whos fortunately now banned. Anyways, Ive kinda talked to a lot more people a lot more recently and Ive come to the conclusion that a lot of people are actually pretty alright you know. Staff in general is pretty chill. @NOC first and foremost is super easy to talk to whether its casually or something to do with Interwebz. I'll probably get my ass handed to myself for tagging so many staff peoplez but I guess theres worse than getting tagged for a compliment @Koerperklaus, @Ukulele still my go-to mods & pretty nice @Fire eventhough your other pic was way cuter, best kitty on iwebz @trebo geilste voice @DuNNN & @Ragnarok chill people and fast and reliable trading assistents @Kolo cheers for providing an awesome P2C with thousands of users that has its 1 year UD anniversary very soon @zohanhacks nub. Havent had any issues with any staff or "normal" user recently, but these are the ones I felt like mentioning explicitly. So yap, thats my review as of right now, sorry for tagging all of you and have a nice day
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    Ukuleles Review

    After over a year i feel guilty to do a review so here we go Legit: 10/10 The aimlock is crispyclean and very nice for a legit gameplay. Also the visuals are just awesome and i never got overwatched with my legit config Rage: 9/10 Well i played a lot of rage games when i bought the hack first time. It was a pretty awesome time and its pretty easy to rek them all Cant talk about the HvH scene alot cause i just suck at HvH, but with the right config and some knowledge you can beat them all like @DuNNN proved me ^^ and maybe the new cheat from @dev will close the hole? and ill make a review about it Community 9/10 I have met many cool people on here like: @cROWN @NOC bester mann @DuNNN @Koerperklaus @Fire and alot more or people i laughed hard about @IKG (nice warningpoints) and of course the man that is to strong for : @Kolo may the force be with you! Menu 10/10 The menu is just great, but just for the meme: Kolo please make a new menu!!! Security 10/10 No VAC´s for almost over a year now! Kolo to strong!
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    ayy we will have sale anyway speaking of iwebz its online since 2nd sep 2014 (this interwebz at least, previous one was way back)
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    1V3 ez game

    high quality censoring @Arjang
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    no because we wont be around forever sadly, lifetime would mean average of like 70 years of support, cant do that shi
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    New User Review

    Bought iWebz because my friend purchased it with me, Very advanced options for great fine-tuning of your cheats. Great cloud-config option, 100% Will rebuy again
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    HOLY SHIT, dude i just got back on my laptop and thank you so much, most cheat owners would tell you to buy again. i love you man <3 definitely one of the most generous cheat admins i've seen
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    its fine, ill give u a month if you didnt use it
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    1v1 Hydra Weapons expert against AW

    aayy gj doing that before big hvh update
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    Ukuleles Review

    2/10 not enough security ratings
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    rofl nonamer

    rofl nonamer
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    Not VIP yet

    ya, fixed
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Version: Steam version Release: Released PRICING: Click here to buy: http://interwebz.cc/forum/store/ Click here to view all updates done to the cheat: http://interwebz.cc/forum/topic/28-iwbz-csgo-changelog/?view=getnewpost For Bitcoin and Skrill payments contact an Admin. Click here to buy: http://interwebz.cc/forum/store/ Click here to buy with PaySafeCard: http://interwebz.cc/forum/pscpayment/ OPERATING SYSTEMS: FEATURES: ANTI-CHEAT SUPPORT: AIMBOT: SPRAYCONTROL: VISUALS: ESP REMOVALS: TRIGGERBOT: MISC: RADAR: PLAYERLIST: OTHERS: Notes: Click here to buy: http://interwebz.cc/forum/store/ SCREENSHOTS: VIDEOS: Click here to buy: http://interwebz.cc/forum/store/
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    I would rate the autism 9/10 cause the music is so guud
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    HvH 1vs3 in Weapon expert

    10/10 interwebz ✓ watermark ✓ win ✓ enemy team ragebot ✓ media post ✓
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    Legit Hacking with IW #4

    bhop is back guysssss
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    Review after 4 months.

    After four months I'm ready to make a review AIMBOT LEGIT 10/10 - I've used before 4-5different cheats providers and I must say that IW has one of the best legit aimbot I've used. You just must to configure how to make config for your playstyle or just download one from the Settings subforum. Anyway it's really customizable and OP. RAGE 8/10- Ok first of all, I'm not rage or hvh player. I've played only few matches with some MM HvH settings i've found on settings subforum and I must say that it's pretty good. I don't have a good knowledge how to play HvH. 8 out of 10 because this cheat is focused on legit playstyle so i give 10 to legit VISUALS 9/10 The IW have everything you actually need, all esp's, chams etc etc. Reason why 9/10 it would be good if you can change position for esp's because sometimes it's just annoying when you have (helmet) on the left side rather than bottom/top. SKIN CHANGER 9/10 Skin changer just like skin changer on other cheat providers. You can have even stattrak but you can't change it. It can be only 1337, i prefer 420 :D. Anyway why 9 out of 10? Because it would be good if you can change the name, stattrak but that's not really matters since i don't really care about that. MENU 10/10 Easy to use, simple to read, everything nicely sorted. Anyway nothing to tell here I can just say well done COMMUNITY 8/10 Community is pretty active, more than a lot of other cheat providers. There are everyday a lot of users online on europe PM 30+ is ez on AM 10+ ez also. I met lot of good people here lot of patient people lot of helpful people. Why 8 out of 10? Some people I'm not gonna say who i respect privacy giving some warnning points for no reason at least I don't see why. Anyway I like to help people and because I help people I get ez warnning points for "Autism". But it's ok idc about those points i just care that I don't get banned One of the bests man I met here is (sorry for tag) @Kolo Best coder, patient, always help people, also freeze subs if anything goes wrong, I can say only hands down!!!! the legend of course. Also lot of other people here are friendly but i'm not gonna tag any1 else since it's not very polite SECURITY 10/10 The reason why actually i bought IW was only because on the previous cheat provider I've been using for a long time has fuck** up in vac wave, so I've found forum about saying what cheat providers get in vac wave and what didn't. One of them that didn't was IW too. So I decide why not to try if it didn't get vac. And I have to say I'm pretty amazed how many vac waves does this cheat escaped. Seems like it's perfectly private cheat Anyway no bans for 4 months, I've been using legit aimbot settings and didn't get OW in 4 months. Anyway It's definetly worth to buy this amazing cheat if you like to play legit and have best aimbot legit settings. If you're interested in HvH you should buy but keep in mind this cheat is focused for legitstyle. And if you think it's little bit too expensive as I did. It's not when you see what is this cheat offering you you should pay 25€ not only 20€:D. I'll definetly resub when sub expired. So OP CHEATS. And remember: KOLO > VAC Best regards, Pal.
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    Review after 4 months.

    1 free month for slovenian brother
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    Review after 4 months.

    Nice review
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    Gay Review

    There were never so many people online. It was some fake traffic plugin from mighty ddos legend @Znote
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    My Testimonial

    I've been using Interwbz for almost 2 years (that's my new account cuz I lost acess to the old one) and I guess i'm ready to give my testimonial Aimbot: Rage: It has a basic ragebot, you'll be able to rekt closet-cheating fags, basically everything you need. Legit: Dude, I don't even know what to say, in my opinion Kolowebz have one of the best legitbot's in the market. The RCS is perfect, customizable and works without the aimbot, I just don't like the Alone RCS it's kinda fucked up in every cheat in my opinion, but that's personal. The Silent Aim/Perfect Silent Aim is a basic one (I guess) and works very well ! The best thing is that you can combine/use with the RCS, you just need to put RCS After 2 shots and it is fucking perfect. It doesn't shake with low fov (like other P2C's). (And why is the Psilent in the MISC????) The smooth aimbot (Non-RCS) is a normal one, you'll hit anything with a AWP,Scout or even with pistols if you don't use or don't like to use silent aim. The Weapon Config is pretty basic: "Pistol/Rifle/Snipers/Shotguns/Sub" It has a Smoke Check which is in the Misc section (Why Kolo???????), works very well and also works with the triggerbot. Trigerrbot: Normal Trigger: Very customizable, delay system, Hitchance etc. If you want to shoot head only just select "Head Only", if you don't want to shoot at the legs because the low damage just select "No Legs" etc Magnet Triggerbot: Wanna tap some retards with a Deagle or in the pistol round? No problem! With the magnet triggerbot you can always 1tap! The magnet triggerbot is a trigger that work with the aimbot, I don't know how to explain what it is, but it's the best i've used. And, of course, works with the Weapon Config. Visuals: Basic ESP: Box has different options: "Normal", "Corners" and "3D" , not like P2C's that only have one Box and is shit mostly of the times. Name ESP, Weapon ESP, Health ESP (Bar and HP), Glow etc is cool =D (Don't really have anything to say about these options) One of my favorite features is the Footstep ESP, dude, it's legit and it doesn't make you go blatant cuz you don't know how to hide your walls, just use with visible only chams and you're ready to go. Draw FOV is a cool feature for noobs, it will show you FOV and you will know where to aim to the aimbot works. Chams: Normal chams, you can select Visible Only or Full (Through walls) Chams, and of course, the Flat Chams and the Enemy Only Option. Very basic. Radar: Very customizable actually, you can select the height, if it will show weapons on the ground and you can remove the black background from the radar (why?) Others: Recently Kolo added Nightmode, Hitmarkers, Skybox changer and Nade Trace, it's cool asf. Misc: BunnyHop is one of my favorite features on Misc, just because the Legit Bhop, it's actually legit and works very well! A lot of P2C's tried to do it and failed they completely. FakeLag needs more options but it's ok since it's useless for now. If you want to rage in casual, just turn on Aimstep and NameChanger and go tap some nerds. Basic Knife Bot, it's useful if you go to community servers and there's a knife round. Anti-FaceIt works pretty well! But i've been banned because I blatant cheated there Skin Changer and Player: Skin Changer: Basic Skin Changer, you can select the knife, gloves etc. The only thing is that you need to select the skins using ID's, which is fucked up in my opinion :/ Player: Here you can correct other players in HvH, whitelist from the Aimbot, steal his name, steal his Clantag etc. Other: Here you can setup your binds, change the visual colors, setup a custom ClanTag. HvH: Spread/MM HvH: Really don't want to talk about the MM HvH because people will comment that i'm bad, don't know how to use Iwebz, don't know how to play etc. But I'll say anyway. Resolver: Bad. You can correct ayyware pastes, but you'll miss at others P2C fake heads. Aimbot: If you want to BAIM anyway, just do it, don't use head, trust me. The hitscan is good, multipoint too. Anti Aim: Bad. You'll get tapped by ayyware with any anti aim (i'm serious). No Spread: Bad. Just don't use it for NS. I remember when Kolo updated the resolver and added the Lisp AA's to Iwebz, dude, you could rekt any cheat in no spread :') HvH/2: It's bad for now, but Kolo and the other guy will release a HvH cheat that will be P. I remember when Kolowebz was good for hvh :')) Conclusion: JUST. BUY. IT. I guess i'm missing something, but yea, and sorry for the grammatical errors.
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    How to kill polish?

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    a little help before i buy interwebz

    ayyy, nvm then
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    Updated Review (1 Week Usage)

    Hey, I've used interwebz for just over a week now and I'm fully certain that I shall be re-subscribing. Last night I had a situation where two HookTronic kiddiestoggled spinbots and I quite easily shut them down with my interwebz spinbot. Aimbot 10/10: The aimbot has some great settings, It varies from blatant to legit. Any FOV between 0.1 - 1.7 is perfect for legit aimbot (pretty much just an aim correction) however you must be able to aim without cheats to get the full benefits of this FOV (I'm Supreme on main) Visuals 10/10: Very good chams, I like the fact that you can change the colours of the chams to make it easier to see if the enemy is in or out of cover. For legit settings I recommend only using visual chams or alternatively using head esp (Head esp is hard for overwatch to pick up if you are not blatant about it) Config Cloud 10/10: Great way of configuring the cheats! its syncs real time extremely quickly with your cheats and all you will have to do is reload the config to see the effects. Misc 8/10: Pretty much anything you will ever need such as bunnyhops and fake lag, However the legit bhops are pointless (Even with strafebot you wont gain speed with them) Overall conclusion - Great cheat, From what I've read its rarely detected and can last years without detections. (Would not recommend any cheats other than interwebz.cc)
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    Bad video compared to my others.
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    Hmm I don’t want you to die tho cutie
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    legit: 10/10 if you want alot of features and still look legittttt iwebz is for you hvh: idk/10 Im shit at hvh and when I try I lose all the time but that is my own fault so yeah... if you want to hvh either git gut or git dat special hvh cheat from @dev visuals: 9/10 very good, but the radar is very confusing raging: 10/10 very very good, pwning noobs on casual is just great (its sad that nospread doesnt work but thats not iwebz's fault) other features: 11/10 almost all misc features are great apart from name changer which acts weird, and the most dissapointing thing of all is that there is no music kit changer, thats why this category gets such a low score. (it would have gotten a 3 but the hitmarkers added a point) MUSIC KIT CHANGER CONFIRMED BOIIIIS Community: 9/10 never encountered annoying people apart from the people that were against the idea of a music kit changer. Overal this is a great cheat and everyone should buy it.
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    who lol

    who lol
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    Iwebz Testimonial

    I'm going to preface this little statement with the fact that Iwebz isn't the best client if you want to HvH. However, it's also not incapable nor terrible at it. And if you're only looking to legit cheat, then you're going to find the array of various settings specifically for that to be very good. It's not what I bought Iwebz for, but the legitimacy you can get out of Iwebz is a solid 10/10. So I didn't buy Iwebz for legit. So what did I? I just told you it's not the best for HvH. That's exactly what I bought it for after a 1 month trial run of the client. I've never enjoyed a cheat like I've enjoyed Iwebz. I don't know why, but it's been the most fun I've had out of a cheat client. I chose today to write this to mourn the loss of my Iwebz-only rage account. It's used Iwebz since January, and on this account for the last few months. I'm no closet kid. My Default config is literally all-off. I play non-Prime MM in the search for finding people who closet cheat (or even simply rage) and have a good game, whether we get detroyed by another P2C, or an I2C, or we win. Do you know what's interesting? Iwebz usually wiins. Even against Aimware (and on one occasion Stylez and Euphoria). The past 2-3 months we've lost only 2 games (both were not in our favour to win anyway), and it's probably surprised me the most. Iwebz isn't known for its HvH, but it seems perfectly capable of performing against your go-to HvH clients. tl;dr: Iwebz beats Aimware (and Stylez for some reason). Thoroughly enjoyed HvH MM'ing with Iwebz. Probably going to continue subscribing. 2nd oldest smurf I have finally OW banned after 9 months of Iwebz. On a final note: pasted cheats have no problem resolving Iwebz. But they can't deal with fakelag or backtracking so fuck them. Does Iwebz have a referral system? I've gotten 2 people to use Iwebz.
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    nice english dude
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    where can i download this cheat

    Your Payment needs to be reviewed and processed manually. It takes a while until you get activated.
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    i <3 iwebz <3

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    Glad you are enjoying your time here
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    zessho zessho OwO (∩◔‿◔)⊃━☆゚.*
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    Ukuleles Review

    3/10 not enough description in security section
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    I've been using this Wallpaper for a long time now, and realized it didnt get posted here, so here we go. You can find the Workshop Page here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1105331146 All you need to do is press Subscribe and select it in Wallpaper Engine. Credits to go @Timo1Blizzard
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    BTC Payment

    invite me to the conversation or send me proof of the purchase in a new one and I activate it. @NOC is busy
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    That seems like an problem on paypals site tbh
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    hwid reset please

    You are not vip.
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    Just bought it and can't download

    You payed an old invoice, wait for an admin to fix it for you since you aren't vip.
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    face it client

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    IWBZ CSGO - Changelog

    Also if you want to be notified about future updates please press the "Follow" button on the release notes page http://interwebz.cc/forum/release-notes/ I would recommend selecting the e-mail option and having it set up with your phone email
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    didn't renewal the content

    Be patient you'll get activated eventually, if you later using a card linked to PayPal activation can be delayed.
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    didnt got my content

    If you payed using a bank account linked to paypal it can take longer, you'll get activated soon enough.