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  1. Christmas Sale 2017

    Hello, from 24.12 - 26.12 we will apply our christmas discount to all our products. CS:GO Pricing will be the following 1 Month 13,99€ 3 Month 29,99€ 6 Month 44,99€ Best Regards
  2. Christmas sale

    Yes, we will announce it the upcoming days. Best Regards
  3. One month usage review

    Thanks for the review
  4. 1 year review + settings

    Thanks for the detailed review!
  5. Not activated yet

    Sorry for the delay I was on a business trip and didn't have an proper connection. I activated everyone and handed out proper compensation and once more again sorry Best Regards
  6. Fixed sorry for the hassle
  7. New Pricing

    Prices are updated now
  8. Why is prices being lowered permanently?

    Due changes in our company structure we managed to save some expenses and we want to pass that to our customers
  9. New Pricing

    Hello, the prices for CS:GO are about to change next week on 08.11.2017. We are going to decrease the prices. New pricing will be 1 Month - 17,99€ (Skrill / BTC 13€) 3 Month - 36,99€ (Skrill / BTC 32€) 6 Month - 52,99€ (Skrill / BTC 48€) PSC prices are not affected and will still stay the same. Best Regards
  10. HvH

    We will announce it early enough + email notifications Best Regards
  11. Birthday sales ?

    CSGO updates have nothing to do with the security of the cheat itself, so yes Best Regards
  12. Birthday sales ?

    Try again
  13. Birthday sales ?

  14. 3 year anniversary

    Sale is live till Monday 11:59 PM CET Best Regards