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  1. The CS:GO Interwebz Experience

    cool blog
  2. why deagle is better than scar? dumb video :D

    nice english dude
  3. Gay Review

    h 4 c k e r m a n was still a better community in 2015-2016 but, can't deny that.
  4. Gay Review

    stfu homo boy
  5. Gay Review

    Everyone knew everyone. Like Intricate said, there used to be 300-400+ users online at a time with the majority of them active posters.
  6. How to get more time on iwebz after expired?

    wow idk maybe re-purchase it. just go 2 ur invoices
  7. Gay Review

    Can't even remember if I made one of these that was real. Menu: 7/10 - Not a fan of the new menu, the older menu seemed cleaner with the old font, however, I've never really been a fan of the old iwebz menu either. Rage: 8/10 - Pretty decent for rage, not good for HvH because only morons care about HvH. Legit: 10/10 - Has everything you need. Feels and looks rly legit. Visuals: 7/10 - Good visual features except the font is fucking cancer, the rest is good tho. Misc: 10/10 - Has everything you need. Skinchanger: 10/10 - Annoying that you need to put each ID on each skin individually in-game, but CC makes it easier. Pretty decent cheat, good price, good features, good coder, the community is dead as fuck now though. Never got overwatched from the legit bot and was only VAC banned once iirc from an actual wave. Detection rate is pretty good.
  8. CSS pSilent

    nothing in css is patched.
  9. Change log

    No it isnt, kolo updates it when new features come out
  10. deos this modmenu have spinbot?

    le epic meme1!! maybe if i copy the exact same joke someone already made by a reputable member every1 will like me!11!11.
  11. Resolution and other Stuff

    Yes Yes Lots Yes Previously yes, not atm though, cheats undetected. http://interwebz.cc/forum/pages/docs
  12. Still got this Error and I don't get help..

    Just wait for NOCs response. Also idk what you're trying to say in that last sentence.
  13. Overpass HvH again Reportbot Kiddies

    Le epic ownage :^)
  14. My skins does not work :/

    Maybe explain your situation so people can help?
  15. Wondering if I should buy again after vacwave

    woah dude haha very epic bump and post farm!