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  1. Can i use steam or battlecards

    Message @IKG if you have any questions regarding the price.
  2. Can i use steam or battlecards

    You can use steam wallet cards by messaging @IKG 1 month subscription - 30 EUR Steam wallet 3 month subscription - 50 EUR Steam wallet 6 month subscription - 70 EUR Steam wallet
  3. My Testimonial

    Thanks for your review.
  4. Why sould I buy INTERWEBZ instead of AIMWARE ?

    You will get your lost time back in case you have to wait that long. Automated HWID resets will be back soon.
  5. Injection?

    You don't have to inject the cheat into a middleman process anymore.
  6. Injection?

    No. We aren't using a middleman process anymore.
  7. cs go acc

    You aren’t permitted to trade with other users without having an active subscription.
  8. Ukuleles Review

    hab idch auch leib
  9. Login failed

    Try to sync your windows time.
  10. review

    Thanks for the review.
  11. PSC payment

    Take a look at "What payment Methods are accepted" - http://interwebz.cc/forum/help/
  12. Forum Rules

    Added rule 22.
  13. HELP

    Wait until you got activated then.
  14. HELP

    You gotta buy a subscription before you can download the cheat.
  15. I just bought the hack but i cant download it?

    An admin will activate you as soon as possible.