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  1. Polish Family

    Follow the Poll.

    Do you require mental assistance?
  3. Former Interwebz's user

    True, interwebz is too jew to purchase one.
  4. Former Interwebz's user

    I highly doubt IWEBZ will make a Battleye Cheat such as PUBG especially due to how pricey battleye bypasses are, they probably wouldnt even last 2 weeks if it was sold to the public. If they do it would most likely be extremely slotted and pricey.
  5. How to kill polish?

    Any suggestions?
  6. Paid for wrong month invoice

    Best to PM @NOC as he manages payments and subs.
  7. Paypal Shows completed

    Should take around up to 24 hours or less to be activated. If any longer and you have enquiries PM NOC
  8. Waiting for VIP

    Be patient he will most likely do it soon did you send 25 euro? or just 20?? Wait a day or two then if not PM noc again.
  9. My 1 Month Review

    pre decent review +1
  10. I'm not VIP after buying sub.

    Be patient.
  11. 2 year user

    Close, I wont lag too much I will be fine. PM me so we can play some time
  12. 2 year user

    Yo I live near china I live on the tip of Australia wanna queue?
  13. something on media

    Bot Ryan?