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  1. Thank You

    Hello everyone, As my last three days of my subscription creep up on me, after almost ten months I would like to thank everyone here for the great experience and friendly community. I am flying out to Abu Dhabi for vacation so I won't have time to enjoy Interwebz for my last days, a few shoutouts to some of my favorite people here on Interwebz. @@NOC great guy, friendly, helpful, and quite funny some of the time guided me through the ropes of the cheating community and helped me out quite a lot. Halo has a cool Discord server with a bunch of people if you have the time check it out, he's also fun to play with, and last but not least MGawd, if you ever need a config hit him up. As this is in the testimonials section I should probably talk about the cheat. 10/10 Everything Visuals, Aimbot, and all the miscellaneous features really complete the cheat and make you feel like you aren't restricted with your options. This just proves Kolo coding beste coding I know this is short, but thanks for reading anyways, Carter (formerly wojt33k) PS: NOC thanks for always answering my retarded questions, I know I had a lot.
  2. Resub

    If I resub with a credit card through PayPal would it be instant, or would I have to wait? Thanks, Carter
  3. Making Wallpapers 4 FREE!

    1920x1080, BIG ASS GUNS, 100 Dollar bills, Text: King, gold, jewels, and shit. Thanks.
  4. Unityhacks users are cancer..

    Unity is cancer? Is this supposed to be news?
  5. im back

  6. Interwebz Gift

    Thanks so much guys! (This can be closed)
  7. Interwebz Gift

    @@nayboy Is that true I am not familiar with HWID, if I just made the account bought the cheat and didn't download it, and them gave him the info he wouldn't have to do an HWID reset?
  8. Interwebz Gift

    OK, thanks!
  9. Interwebz Gift

    My friend cannot afford Interwebz and I feel bad for him. So for Christmas I thought about making an account and them giving him the login details so he can change password and shit, but then I remembered you can get banned for such. Would I be able to do so, or should I just give him the money? Thanks in advance, -W
  10. Why i don't recieve my hack ?

    With Banks Interwebz has to verify that the payment went through.
  11. [Free] Signatures 500X100

    TEXT: WOJT3K COLORS: Purple and White BACKGROUND: Tons of fucking guns and money. Other: Improvise Thanks in advance, if you can PM when done.