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  1. Dont get the hack

    My guess is that because you payed on a Sunday, if the payment has gone through on PayPal then it will be fine.
  2. Dont get the hack

    If you payed using a bank card linked to PayPal it can be delayed based on your bank.
  3. [Supremacy] Where did Kanna go? Day 1

    Gj I might have to reinstall cs and give supremacy a try
  4. i lost my money i didt get hack NEED HELP!!

    It's just based on which bank you use, most are instant but some are not. All you can do is wait @kongnal01.
  5. i lost my money i didt get hack NEED HELP!!

    If you payed using a card linked to paypal it can take longer depending on your bank.
  6. Cheat Trial?

    No as people abused it.
  7. An in-depth review after 1 year of usage

    Thanks for the review
  8. Error ERROR: Unable to locate config file

    Inject first and insert.
  9. Supremacy question

    It is not out yet the one in the store is a placeholder.
  10. My Honest Review!

    Thanks for the very in depth review
  11. sale?

    25% generally
  12. how much time waiting?

    Skrill payments can take up to 72 hours as they are handled manually just be patient.
  13. About the HVH cheat

    No date set currently and no you don't already need to be a customer, it'll be first come first served with 50 slots for the beginning at least.

    Interwebz supports the web anti cheat but not the client anti cheat.
  15. How to easily inject?

    There is a full installation guide once you become vip but all you have to do is put the cheat on a usb or alternative such as true/veracrypt and run as admin, click load and then open steam and csgo.