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  1. [Supremacy] Where did Kanna go? Day 1

    Send me a discord message whenever im online hehe
  2. [Supremacy] Where did Kanna go? Day 1

    [OWNER] Kanna -> Obviously Serversiding :^)
  3. supremacy.mp4

    You can't buy access. You can only get it if we give it to you for now.
  4. The Taserkill failed, but a getze.us never fails to impress with their very good resolver & aimbot
  5. supremacy gud hak

    Neither. You can't get invited and you can't buy your way in. Staff simply decides who gets Beta Access and who doesnt.
  6. Lets Make A Deal

    How about no.
  7. supremacy hvh video

    Was ist ein Resolver?
  8. sale?

    We might have a sale on Easter. But the next sale that will happen definitely is the Summer Sale.
  9. h1z1

  10. About the HVH cheat

    We will make an announcement on the website, maybe we'll send out e-mails. As Ragnarok said, first come first serve. 50 Slots, be there or be square
  11. The point is to keep the userbase exclusive. Maybe we will increase the slots at a later date, but that isn't sure yet.
  12. Because the nigger @dev says streaming is haram! I would otherwise lmao