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  1. Can you please activate me?

    1. notsharp


      I messaged u proof and NOC keeps ignoring my messages

  2. One month usage review

    i approve of this review, thanks
  3. When I want to log in I get the message: Login Failed. https://imgur.com/a/0KkXl

  4. really sorry but

  5. Against 2 zeus

    ayy use imgur next time eyy, gj doe
  6. pReview

    p100 thanks, you will be missed
  7. Hello, will my purchase be confirmed today via paysafecard?

  8. 1 year review + settings

    great review
  9. Review after 4 months

    yea you can right now test and redownload the loader, i have pushed a couple of silent updates to it which might fix some issues thanks for the review

    I'm waiting for my hack, 2 days that will pass and still have not received anything, I do not know if I sent paysafecard badly, but I sent 2 times to the same email still nothing, they may be busy but I ask you to respond if there is something wrong

  11. 24 and not activated

    anyone that waits too long pm me with screenshot proof i can activate you
  12. 1 Month Honest Review.

    gave u another month, that should account for time lost
  13. 1 Month Honest Review.

    yea ive been busy and im not replying these weeks now, ill be doing that soon so sorry for that
  14. i wait over 5 days ... whats going on ? 

  15. i buy the hack with paysafecard and ints not coming i cancel it and now my paysafecard its empty and i  have no hack