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  1. My Testimonial

    I've been using Interwbz for almost 2 years (that's my new account cuz I lost acess to the old one) and I guess i'm ready to give my testimonial Aimbot: Rage: It has a basic ragebot, you'll be able to rekt closet-cheating fags, basically everything you need. Legit: Dude, I don't even know what to say, in my opinion Kolowebz have one of the best legitbot's in the market. The RCS is perfect, customizable and works without the aimbot, I just don't like the Alone RCS it's kinda fucked up in every cheat in my opinion, but that's personal. The Silent Aim/Perfect Silent Aim is a basic one (I guess) and works very well ! The best thing is that you can combine/use with the RCS, you just need to put RCS After 2 shots and it is fucking perfect. It doesn't shake with low fov (like other P2C's). (And why is the Psilent in the MISC????) The smooth aimbot (Non-RCS) is a normal one, you'll hit anything with a AWP,Scout or even with pistols if you don't use or don't like to use silent aim. The Weapon Config is pretty basic: "Pistol/Rifle/Snipers/Shotguns/Sub" It has a Smoke Check which is in the Misc section (Why Kolo???????), works very well and also works with the triggerbot. Trigerrbot: Normal Trigger: Very customizable, delay system, Hitchance etc. If you want to shoot head only just select "Head Only", if you don't want to shoot at the legs because the low damage just select "No Legs" etc Magnet Triggerbot: Wanna tap some retards with a Deagle or in the pistol round? No problem! With the magnet triggerbot you can always 1tap! The magnet triggerbot is a trigger that work with the aimbot, I don't know how to explain what it is, but it's the best i've used. And, of course, works with the Weapon Config. Visuals: Basic ESP: Box has different options: "Normal", "Corners" and "3D" , not like P2C's that only have one Box and is shit mostly of the times. Name ESP, Weapon ESP, Health ESP (Bar and HP), Glow etc is cool =D (Don't really have anything to say about these options) One of my favorite features is the Footstep ESP, dude, it's legit and it doesn't make you go blatant cuz you don't know how to hide your walls, just use with visible only chams and you're ready to go. Draw FOV is a cool feature for noobs, it will show you FOV and you will know where to aim to the aimbot works. Chams: Normal chams, you can select Visible Only or Full (Through walls) Chams, and of course, the Flat Chams and the Enemy Only Option. Very basic. Radar: Very customizable actually, you can select the height, if it will show weapons on the ground and you can remove the black background from the radar (why?) Others: Recently Kolo added Nightmode, Hitmarkers, Skybox changer and Nade Trace, it's cool asf. Misc: BunnyHop is one of my favorite features on Misc, just because the Legit Bhop, it's actually legit and works very well! A lot of P2C's tried to do it and failed they completely. FakeLag needs more options but it's ok since it's useless for now. If you want to rage in casual, just turn on Aimstep and NameChanger and go tap some nerds. Basic Knife Bot, it's useful if you go to community servers and there's a knife round. Anti-FaceIt works pretty well! But i've been banned because I blatant cheated there Skin Changer and Player: Skin Changer: Basic Skin Changer, you can select the knife, gloves etc. The only thing is that you need to select the skins using ID's, which is fucked up in my opinion :/ Player: Here you can correct other players in HvH, whitelist from the Aimbot, steal his name, steal his Clantag etc. Other: Here you can setup your binds, change the visual colors, setup a custom ClanTag. HvH: Spread/MM HvH: Really don't want to talk about the MM HvH because people will comment that i'm bad, don't know how to use Iwebz, don't know how to play etc. But I'll say anyway. Resolver: Bad. You can correct ayyware pastes, but you'll miss at others P2C fake heads. Aimbot: If you want to BAIM anyway, just do it, don't use head, trust me. The hitscan is good, multipoint too. Anti Aim: Bad. You'll get tapped by ayyware with any anti aim (i'm serious). No Spread: Bad. Just don't use it for NS. I remember when Kolo updated the resolver and added the Lisp AA's to Iwebz, dude, you could rekt any cheat in no spread :') HvH/2: It's bad for now, but Kolo and the other guy will release a HvH cheat that will be P. I remember when Kolowebz was good for hvh :')) Conclusion: JUST. BUY. IT. I guess i'm missing something, but yea, and sorry for the grammatical errors.
  2. PT-BR - Review InterWebz

    he also said smooth x and y = its for hvh lmao