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  1. Birthday sales ?

    Thank you for all !
  2. Birthday sales ?

    It works, thanks NOC for your support CSGO is updating right now, still safe to use ?
  3. Birthday sales ?

    It says "login failed" I used the same login and password as the forum's one, do you know why ?
  4. Birthday sales ?

    My antivirus says it's a virus, I can trust right ?
  5. Birthday sales ?

    Thank you Kolo and Ragnarok !
  6. Birthday sales ?

    I tried to purchase with paypal but the discount is not applied
  7. Birthday sales ?

    Hey, how can we get the Interwebz's birthday discount (25%) ?
  8. Faceit Update ?

    Hey guys, I saw that the anticheat client is not longer required to play faceit free, is that true ?
  9. Former Interwebz's user

    Hello everyone, I used Interwebz cheats for csgo in the past and it was for me the best cheat I tried. Now I'm playing PUBG and I would like to know if Interwebz will develop a cheat for this game ? Because I don't trust the other providers. Thanks for your help and information
  10. Informations about how it works

    If the cheat is detected, I will normally get a VAC ban ! I wanna know if by injecting, the game files will be permanently modified ?
  11. Hello, I'm interested by using interwebz cheats but i would like to know how the usb works. When we inject the cheats with the usb, will it be safe once we turn off the cheats ? For example, if i try the cheats for 1 month and I decide not to continue using the cheats, will I find any traces of the cheats on my computer ? Because for me, the word "injecting" means the files will stay in your computer even if you "turn off" the cheats. Thanks for the help