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  1. How to rest ur config ?

    How Can i help u for being a mode on ur site ?
  2. How to rest ur config ?

    still when i try to upload the new one the old one dont wanna be removed
  3. How to rest ur config ?

    i just wanna import my new config but when i upload it the old config could not be removed and when i export the HvH config i found the old and new cfg and thats makes the cfg bad
  4. Locking for a admin

    Can someone active me pls so i can download the cheat ? cROWN said me allready that the charge workes and i should wait NOC to be activated ! thx with best Regards
  5. Ban without reason

    18 Days its much enouph for ya
  6. I decided today to buy the cheat for 25 euro and its says me that i should wait 48 hours , and iam asking if i can get the cheat today plz <3