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  1. Yesterday
  2. No permisson

    @ChiraqVillian or @trebo pls halp him
  3. No permisson

    Hello its me im just wundering why i cant access the customer area. I can use the cheat but i cant read any posts. Happy Hanuhkah euer Schellenali Koerperklaus heißt gar nicht Klaus
  4. As long as you dont have to use the anticheat client we support that, however iirc faceit premium requires you to download their clientsided anticheat.
  5. Hello Guys , i see that the Hack is Ud on Faceit Free with no Visualls but what you mean with that ? And what does mean Serverside , So my Qeustion is, can i Use the hack on Faceit Premium with Ac and no vissuals only maybe a good config with good aimer Settings? becouse the Faceit Premium Ac is the Same AC on Free or not?
  6. Last week
  7. hvh

    It's decent at best but can do well with a good config and if you are good. I'd wait for supremacy to be fixed and put back up for sale if you are interested in hvhing.
  8. hvh

    Is Interwebz good for HVH? Does it shoot fake?
  9. faceit, interwebz and supremacy

    @ndrocean hvh means homo vs homo
  10. supremacy

    gogogogo nitro go fix fast yalah bruder will zocken
  11. supremacy

    Cheat's currently outdated and needs fixed, therefore it got out of stock
  12. supremacy

    is supremacy out of stock all slots are full or not done?
  13. Review

    Thanks for your review sir
  14. Review

    Legitbot: 10/10 - Well once you get your settings correct the with the Legitbot you can make it look as if you weren't cheating the only reason I didn't give it a 10/10 it does take some time to understand how the cheat works with aimbot smoothing and the triggerbot delays etc etc but once you get everything down it's really simple and great to use but at first might be difficult for the average user. Ragebot:10/10 - Usually when you hear interwebz it isn't known for HvH but it was actually really good against other cheats, I liked the AA's and resolvers for the cheat and you can own everyone with the correct settings, I'm still learning them myself but overall I haven't messed with the Ragebot that much but when other players seemed to struggle against my settings. Visuals:N/A- Can't honestly review this section as I barely use ESPs when I play with cheats but They worked well when I hvh'd. Radar:10/10 - Great for legit gameplay I use this everytime I play with the legitbot and I've never had any issues since day one with the radar couldn't change anything about it. Misc:N/A - I've only used Bhop and AutoStrafe in this section they worked great when for when I was HvHing overall I'd have to check the Misc out more to give this an honest review. Overall:10/10 I honestly really like this cheat, and I can't really say anything bad about I'd recommend this cheat anyone wanting to legit hack.
  15. supermacy vs gamesense

    I will fix it 1 - 2 days
  16. ChallengeME.

    Visual off or on?
  17. ChallengeME.

    CME did work for me back in the day
  18. ChallengeME.

    Ok thanks.
  19. ChallengeME.

    If it EAC then check the "EAC" box when starting interwebz and do not use any visuals (hope these infos are up2date)
  20. Why cant i use paypal balance to buy iwebz

    If nothing works you can still try sending the money manually Best Regards
  21. ChallengeME.

    Hum I don't know, but we need to play with a client. EDIT : I think "EasyAntiCheat"
  22. Why cant i use paypal balance to buy iwebz

    alright will do, thanks g
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