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  • Pre Sale Questions

  • What Anti Cheat does Interwebz support?

    Interwebz currently suports the following anti cheats:

    • VAC2/VAC3
    • Matchmaking Anti-Cheat
    • Third-Party Serversided Anti-Cheats (Like SMAC)
    • CEVO (All visuals OFF)
    • EAC (All visuals OFF)
    • Faceit Free (ANTI_FACEIT disables silent aim, psilent, antiaim, bunnyhop, autopistol)
    • ESL (All visuals off) is supported unofficially
  • What operating system (OS) does Interwebz support?

    Interwebz supports following OS on:

    Windows 7 x64
    Windows 8 x64
    Windows 8.1 x64
    Windows 10 x64
  • When was the last detection?

    The last detection of Interwebz was in October 2016

  • Do I need an USB stick to run Interwebz?

    No, Interwebz only requires an FAT32 formated drive, this can be an USB Stick, HDD Partition or it can be emulated with something like True or Veracrypt