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    4 year anniversary

    Hello, Interwebz will become 4 years old on 23.10.2018. To celebrate it we will apply a discount for 3 days starting from 21.10.2018 till 23.10.2018 All products will be discounted by 25% (Not stackable with BTC / Skrill). PSC prices are still the same, only the PSC fee will be dismissed during sales. Best Regards The Interwebz Staff
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    I am here for some supremacy

    Will comeback sooner than you think
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    supermacy vs gamesense

    pedophile trannies don't know anything else than being mad 24/7
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    Interwebz CS:GO

    Interwebz for CS:GO has a great legit cheat for users looking to have a little boost in your gaming experience, but for when you come across another cheater in a MM game or if you like HvH servers, Interwebz has an awesome rage bot and can 1 tap many cheats with a good config. The menu is very organized and all the features are easy to find with the icons and categories. The visuals are very appealing and are the best in my opinion out of all the cheats I have tried. This cheat does not cause any significant fps drop or stuttering. All of the cheats features are working at the moment and if any features become broken in future updates the dev team will have them up and running in no time. Overall Rating: 9.5/10 Rage Bot: 10/10 Legit Bot: 8/10 Visuals: 10/10 Misc Features: 10/10
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    Waiting Supremacy or Buying Other Cheats

    Ezfrags is a superior cheat
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    Wont happen Best regards!
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    Been using the cheat since 2017 Great functionality, and works well. Never have I been Vac banned on any accounts. Wall Hacks - Don't use them much but when I did it was great Aim - Looks legit and with the right settings I have been able to escape bans for 1k + hours 10/10 great cheat would come again when I feel like playing cs
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    question about OS

    No actual OS changes are required to use Interwebz. There might be only a conflict with Windows Defender or any other Anti Virus software. Best Regards
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    No permisson

    Aber ich bin doch garkein Moderatormann mehr D:
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    No permisson

    Hello its me im just wundering why i cant access the customer area. I can use the cheat but i cant read any posts. Happy Hanuhkah euer Schellenali Koerperklaus heißt gar nicht Klaus
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    I am sure @ChiraqVillian will happily ban your account though
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    The GDPR gives you a right to get personal data, which an Interwebz account def. not is, to get deleted. Despite that we are not sitting inside the EU so GDPR does not apply.
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    4 year anniversary

    Sale is live. Best Regards
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    Iwebz wallpaper (updated logo)

    Made this cuz I'm bored... here's an imgur link if you need it: https://imgur.com/WZVUmvb
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    supremacy progressing

    no its ezfrags
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    All Skins + ID [Copypasta]

    [Pistols] [RIFLES] [SNIPER] [SMGs] [Heavy] [Knives & Gloves] NEW IDs: 747: Twin Turbo 748: Calf Skin 749: Vino Primo 750: Integrale 751: Hand Brake 752: Fade 753: Dirt Drop 754: Rust Coat 755: Slide 775: Facility Sketch 776: Facility Negative 777: Facility Draft 778: Facility Dark 779: Random Access 780: Mainframe 781: Co-Processor 782: Motherboard 783: Bulkhead 784: Coolant 785: Mandrel 786: Exchanger 787: Core Breach 788: Acheron 789: Nuclear Garden 790: Cold Fusion 791: Remote Control 792: Control Panel 793: Converter 794: Sweeper 795: Safety Net 796: Check Engine 797: Brake Light 798: Nitro 799: High Beam
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    Waiting Supremacy or Buying Other Cheats

    Thats not for any of us to decide.
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    is there a video on how to inject it

    If you want, for inject, you have to put your USB Driver (FAT32) with the .exe in. Leave steam (account and steam closed) and just open .exe at Administrator (with right click). After this a Interwebz windows will be open and you just have to insert your Interwebz User ID and your Interwebz Password. If you don't have any error (like "Credentials Error") login widows will be closed and a windows with your game Cheats will be open. Just click on the game (CS:GO, CS:S, ...) and click Inject or Load (I don't remember). Wait a few seconds and Inject is succesful, you just have to launch Steam and your game. Best regards
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    pMedia in MM

    as trebo already said " Alright retards, time to set some facts straight There is no such thing as Vacnet The "vacnet"-wave was vac just detecting vmthooks bhop is a fucking retarded kid and whoever listens to him should consider actually commiting suicide His voice is genuinely more irritating than scatching a blackboard with your fingernails #Closed"
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    Supremacy Market

    it is not available to be purchased at the moment due to it being out of date and broken as fuck. when it is updated and working again they will put it back in the store.
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    yes mekelek help us

    yes mekelek help us
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    pMedia in MM

    the amount of kills doesnt mean anything as long as it looks legit
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    Interwebz Still Undetected?

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    Interwebz Still Undetected?

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    Scared about my main

    As long as you dont use the same phone number on both accounts your main account is fine.
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    No permisson

    @ChiraqVillian or @trebo pls halp him
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    Legitbot: 10/10 - Well once you get your settings correct the with the Legitbot you can make it look as if you weren't cheating the only reason I didn't give it a 10/10 it does take some time to understand how the cheat works with aimbot smoothing and the triggerbot delays etc etc but once you get everything down it's really simple and great to use but at first might be difficult for the average user. Ragebot:10/10 - Usually when you hear interwebz it isn't known for HvH but it was actually really good against other cheats, I liked the AA's and resolvers for the cheat and you can own everyone with the correct settings, I'm still learning them myself but overall I haven't messed with the Ragebot that much but when other players seemed to struggle against my settings. Visuals:N/A- Can't honestly review this section as I barely use ESPs when I play with cheats but They worked well when I hvh'd. Radar:10/10 - Great for legit gameplay I use this everytime I play with the legitbot and I've never had any issues since day one with the radar couldn't change anything about it. Misc:N/A - I've only used Bhop and AutoStrafe in this section they worked great when for when I was HvHing overall I'd have to check the Misc out more to give this an honest review. Overall:10/10 I honestly really like this cheat, and I can't really say anything bad about I'd recommend this cheat anyone wanting to legit hack.
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    i love you

    i love you
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    Mekelelkekekeek Cheat

    aka you have to pass the autism test. this thread asking about info instead of using your common sense and going straight up for a PM to me isn't helping your situation either.
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    New Pricing

    Hello, the prices for CS:GO are about to change next week on 08.11.2017. We are going to decrease the prices. New pricing will be 1 Month - 17,99€ (Skrill / BTC 13€) 3 Month - 36,99€ (Skrill / BTC 32€) 6 Month - 52,99€ (Skrill / BTC 48€) PSC prices are not affected and will still stay the same. Best Regards