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  1. INTERWEBZ in a 1vs5 (Pistol)

    hey guys, rekt some german le's actin'n'feelin like some esl progamers,anyways hf with the video. settings: 0,6 psilent on pistols + trigger for first kill song: https://soundcloud.com/yungkuruma leave a like if u enjoyed the video
  2. swagshot 767

  3. swagshot 767

    sup iwebz com., my first "edit" and a pretty nice shot. thanks 4 watchinnnn
  4. FRAGSHOW outta 1 day

    welche weap?, schreib mir ne pn
  5. fragmovie (legit settings)

    super nice! but really bro drop the settings
  6. FRAGSHOW outta 1 day

    its disabled in this movie conf.
  7. FRAGSHOW outta 1 day

    doo doo
  8. FRAGSHOW outta 1 day

    Sup Bro's, got some nice frags yesterday regards
  9. usp 4k clixxxx

    lier it was 2 hours!
  10. mini fragshow

  11. mini fragshow

    rcs 1,50 fov smooth 5 no wh just yellow visual chams
  12. mini fragshow

    yep hf and enjoy the video music: JAW - AUSREDEN
  13. m4 quick eco rush ace

    setts on m4?
  14. usp 4k clixxxx

    ty mate
  15. usp 4k clixxxx

    lel i never said no wh