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  1. supremacy review

    fixed this just now.
  2. 50k sale

    Today we are happy to announce that we have reached 50 000 registered members. Therefore we have applied a discount of over 25% on all our products, enjoy! Best Regards.
  3. VIP Status

    i fixed this for you.
  4. Coupon

    Hello, We recently sent news via the email including a coupon for 20% off on all our products. Due to some people missing out on that I re-activated that coupon (10 uses). CODE: IWBZSUP20 Regards
  5. Can I buy supremacy?

    use paypal with ur cc?
  6. Have not recevied supremacy

    yea no, we receive thousands of payments every month, the problem is on your end.
  7. Have not recevied supremacy

    you have not paid anything yet. not on my screen.
  8. Why is my Supreme order disappearing?

    fixed this for you.
  9. Paysafe not available for supremacy ??

    it will be available later, maybe later today or tomorrow.
  10. Supremacy Release - Part 2

    Sales are live.
  11. About Today

    I wanted to put out some explanatory notes about what happened today, more people 'showed up' for the first drop of supremacy earlier this morning, this caused some inconsistencies at our front-end, which caused the site to be temporary unavailable, a bug in our slot system has caused that more than the expected 50 slots were taken, because everyone paid for it we decided that everyone that managed to obtain it can keep it for the rest of this month, because the idea was to keep the cheat limited we decided to cancel the planned second drop for today, this means that no more slots are dropping this month. We are sorry for all the inconveniences that were caused, we will work on our system and will be back next month for a more fair and prepared system for the next drop. Further information will be released in time. Regards, Interwebz Staff
  12. supremacy Anti aims?

    the anti-aims are good and highly customizable, probably the most out of any paycheat on the market atm.
  13. B1g Supremacy Question

    it runs nicely, i tried to optimize it the best i could, @SESAME runs it with this shit hardware: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series so you should probably be fine.
  14. Supremacy question

    as of now it does not, it has auto direction (freestanding) which works pretty good and normal edge that overrules the auto direction. i might add the keybinds at some point if there is enough interest for it.
  15. Supremacy Release

    Because of the ongoing confusion, demonstrable by the number of new topics recently. I'll give an enlightenment of how the slot system works. Basically when the cheat drops on the above provided dates and times, the slots will become available for purchase. If you manage to purchase one before they are sold out, you will occupy this slot for the following month, if you decide not to re-sub, your slot will expire when the sub ends, and others will be able to purchase it again. Best Regards