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  1. No permisson

    @ChiraqVillian or @trebo pls halp him
  2. Why i cant buy supremacy

    Unfortunately, we can't give any ETAs.
  3. Hey.

  4. Why i cant buy supremacy

    Supremacy is currently down so sales are disabled until all issues got fixed.
  5. is there a est for supremacy

    Unfortunately not.
  6. How many accounts can you use a product with?

    Our software doesn't have any limitations except it's bound to one device.
  7. How to use Interwebz on Faceit

    We do not support their client anti-cheat if that's what you are referring to. Just inject it if you wanna use it without the client.
  8. skrill activation

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I do understand such a long waiting time isn't great for you but I hope you understand that manual activation times depend on the free time of our administrators so it might take a little bit longer in some cases.
  9. new cheat or what ever

    There is no ETA and we probably won't be giving one since that might force the coder to publish an unfinished product. Anything regarding this question has been mentioned in the news section.
  10. skrill activation

    Him being online doesn't have to mean he is taking care of the pending payments. He probably just checked the forum using his phone to see what's going on or something similar. Just be patient, you won't lose any time of your subscription since it won't start before the payment gets processed. Sincerely, Koerperklaus
  11. Purchase problem

    What kind of giftcard?
  12. vacnat

    @Kolo @dev
  13. Need help & Activation

    Manual activations may take a few days. Please be patient you will get activated ASAP.
  14. Major Issue

    Try to contact @NOC through a pm in that case.