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  1. please kolo chem log, im never debugging with client, just play with pc while injected, scan with antivirus + delete any allowed viruses mb it triggered it ? 

  2. wann geht der hack wieder ?

  3. check pm please

  4. I need help i bought the cheat 7.5. 2018 when do i get it do you input it on ym desktop or do i gett a messege that i will get it buy downloading something is it .exe or is it .dll does it come with injector?

  5. if the green bar takes a long time to load is that normal?

  6. if the green bar takes a long time to load is that normal?


    I'm getting this alert every time I try to start the client. I have already downloaded the latest version according to the message and the error continues. Would you help me?



  8. Always show version update, but I have to download the latest version, and I didn't do anything wrong, dear administrator, please help me, thank you5a986b7dd42cb_QQ20180302050649.png.965060ca575653f222be32b0ed3d1b58.png.ae960fd5638965e7595c9e13a56d1f1b.png

    1. verysexyguy


      Reinstall the client. 

    2. Mertye


      I have download the latest edition of the countless times, but it is useless, I asked the other people all have, why ah, ask the administrator to help me

  9. i love you xD 

  10. I don't know if u seen it but I pmed u can u take a look when u have time 

  11. HvH with Supremacy | Lets see

    breeh that 2nd pic doe
  12. LMAO? closing post now????

    there were like 400-500 ppl pressing f5 at once and trying to come to store, thats a pretty hefty layer7-like ddos and the cpu got flooded
  13. my acc is so old


  14. my interwebz not working cuz of hardware , how i change the pc id ?

  15. hello , i got blacklisted and i dont know why so could you tell me why or unbann me ?