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  1. My phoon remake

    Now repeat on ESEA ty.
  2. CoD4 Remastered MP Stream

    My real question: Are the game mechanics Cod4 tier or have they fucked em up.
  3. streaming some bf1 hake action

    Didn't realize there was a base on UC already.
  4. Linux Nerds Stomped

    I got cancer from this thread. Also OP anyone who uses linux is better than a kid who pays for cheats on windows while praying to not get banned.
  5. My review - Readme if you use Win7

    I always used Interwebz on windows 7 without issues. If you run on a windows 7 version from 2009 which has never been updated and has an antivirus or some other conflicting program which causes it not to work, it likely is your fault. 99% of the windows 7 using customers have no issues and in the case of issues that stop you from using hte cheat and the staff can't fix last I checked you can get a refund.
  6. derailed.co laffs

    No shit only retards would ever buy iPatientZeros products.
  7. and you can go fuck yourself
  8. no tbh i would be rather disgusted from my name being linked to ppl like you.
  9. this shit is so "cringe" if that is the correct word. editing some vids of a party and slapping some iwebz names on it? fucking 13 year olds.
  10. frux0cheats holzed in mm hvh

    Why do people even buy frux0, do they think he's that good of a coder? Just go check out his uc posts lol. He can somewhat make a cheat but not well enough to support and keep a p2c undetected for an extended period of time. And I don't mean this as a personal insult to frux0, he's a nice guy but that's just facts.
  11. last cheated fragmovie

    This doesn't compare to top tier german css fragmovies
  12. How bout you use the onboard for your linux and gpu on the kvm No paid cheats. Only private cheats and a free mediocre external
  13. 99% sure its not even him but someone who has ratted him