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  1. Supremacy Wallpaper

    another one.
  2. Supremacy Wallpaper

    I've seen a lot of people using some stuff from here for thumbnails and backgrounds etc! I made a couple today with the very few hours I had. The quality isn't the best sorry about that. Have no idea how to fix so if you know how please dm me! ( graffiti type background )
  3. hvh w/ supremacy | episode #5

    nice vid!
  4. Supremacy HvH Screenshots

    aye nj man
  5. Supremacy Wallpaper

    here's 2 more. still same quality issues as the rest. but eh who cares also, i can do custom ones with names if anyone wants.
  6. Supremacy Wallpaper

    photoshop. if you know how to fix pls pm me lol
  7. Supremacy Wallpaper

    yeah, idk how to make the quality better I tried different shit but looked the same. if you guys want more I made a couple but they're the same quality... tyvm!
  8. Supremacy Wallpaper

    Yeah sorry guys idk why it's like that lol. let me see if I can figure something out.
  9. Supremacy Wallpaper

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I totally agree lmao.
  10. Supremacy Wallpaper

    yes sir here ya go!
  11. Supremacy Wallpaper

    made another one.
  12. Supremacy Wallpaper

    Thank you!
  13. Supremacy Wallpaper

    just a simple wallpaper I made today! feel free to leave feedback or w/e
  14. Supremacy is overpowered