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  1. question

    i see supremacy in the market did fakewalk got added back and did the cheat got fixed?
  2. supremacy

    alright im done! stop complaining about supremacy needs update supremacy didnt get updated for 2 months but it still hits p even lag combo is broken but still works fine i bought zeus few days ago cuz everyone was buying it and it was good but not good as supremacy when i use supremacy i feel stronge not like when i use zeus i refunded zeus after 5 hours of buying it cuz this is not the first time i notice its a weak hack supremacy is powerful hack i will keep buying supremacy even if they dont update cuz its worth that money /note im not saying this cuz im an mod or admin or anything im just a normal user idont get anything by saying all this its just the truth
  3. supremacy review

    adfter 29 days of using supremacy rage bot 10/9 its perfect all you need is there anti aim 10/8 its perfect aswell but sometimes your head will keep peeking if ur very close to a wall ur head will be peeking enemy and if you fakewalk they wont miss they will instant tap you visuals 10/8 good visuals but not the best ive seen better visuals in other cheats misc 10/8 all you need is there but it would be better if the auto stop be auto like you dont have to keep holding it and sometimes it stops you completly you cant move thats my honest review :=)