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Found 401 results

  1. Can I buy cheats through mypsc?
  2. about HWID

    I am going to buy IW, but I have a new memory stick that has not arrived yet. If I insert it after I purchase it, will my HWID change?
  3. pMedia in MM

    Slapped some trash talkers that started spinning round 2=eZ 1v4 Nice to see that this cheat still claps cheeks after so long
  4. Scared about my main

    I have my main account which I intend not to get banned on it. Although I have alternate account which I do want to inject on it. My question even if the slimmest risk what's the chance that I get banned on my main account even though injecting only on alternate account? To sum up: If I got banned on injected account will my main get banned too? (given that I use same computer for both account)
  5. Just wondering when the last Detection for the CSS cheat was/if there was one.
  6. Sponsor

    Hi ! I have seen this site and your game cheats before.I want to offer a great cheat to my followers. Can you sponsor me?My channel link :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO5nymBa6U7m6uT28z281yQ
  7. credentials bug

    Incorrect login bug lost alot of time ;-;
  8. Hey, I used to use interwebz for many months but then got hit by the "Vacnet" thing and wanted to know if the cheat is safe to use as of now. I would be using chams, rcs, silent aim and skin changer. Fov for the silent aim would be low(around 0.2 and 0.6) so is it safe?
  9. Next update

    When was the last update for supremacy
  10. Vac Wave

    Did Interwebz get caught in the VAC wave today?
  11. Short media with supremacy | The headshot hack.
  12. Honest Review || Interwebz

    So after ~6 months of using Interwebz I'd say I can review it now. Loader While the loader does do it's job in my opinion it's fucking terrible that you get a solid 50% chance of your computer getting a BSOD. 2/10 || wish you didn't have to start game close... ect to get it to just load up in game. The Menu So the menu of Interwebz is okay but after a while of using the cheat it starts to look dull and not as "cool" as it did at first. 6/10 || could get a change mby The Config Cloud Nice and have not really gotten any issues with using it. 8/10 || simply due to the fact that you have to go in this menu if you want to export your cfg, ect. (skin changing too) Legit-Bot Truly a masterpiece you can configure the aimbot / triggerbot settings to your exact needs. 10/10 Rage-Bot I wouldn't recommend buying Interwebz if you're looking for an HvH cheat. Granted the fact Interwebz does have rage features I would say these are for more of like a casual server rage. 3/10 || just go with supremacy if you're looking to HvH or primarily rage. Visuals Pretty good, not much needed to be said here. (I mostly play with chams and name esp.) 9/10 || cause I don't think the are the best visuals. Misc Everything here is fine and have had no issue with it. 9/10 || cause airstuck is broken now (loved to mess around with it in casual) Skin-Changer It gets the job done. Other than the fact it crashed my game a few times when I first tried to use it all has gone mostly well. My only issue with it so far is cause I'm a lazy fuck and don't want to go find the id's for every skin and in order to get a skin you want you either take blind shots in the dark or resort to the config cloud. 7/10 Overall Score While yes, Interwebz does have it's few inconveniences I wouldn't deem them bad enough to not recommend buying it, In fact I recommend it highly due to the fact (If I'm correct) it's one of the most undetected cheats for counter strike currently. Do I wish it was a little bit more updated? Yes. Does my opinion matter? Nah. 9/10 Just as a small little wrap up, yeah I would recommend you buy this cheat if you want to legit-cheat. I would like to see a new menu appear for interwebz one day and eventually the blue-screen issues become almost nonexistent. If I had to rate the support of interwebz I'd give the team a good solid 9/10 since they do try quite a bit on helping users out and informing us about shit that's going down. Just sometimes lack a response from them or as for this recent update on csgo, take quite a bit of time to update their stuff. ~ALittleClosetCheater
  13. Why u can't accept the requests faster there are a lot of admins and no one is accepting come on you are useless
  14. PSC

    Yesterday i paid with PSC and it's been 11 hours. When will i get activated?
  15. Nearly 72 hours passed since my payment I still haven´t received my VIP
  16. Is the CS:S cheat currently undetected? Because I read somewhere that a person was claiming it to be detected. Can anyone confirm that it's really undetected?
  17. Watch and enjoy as you witness the best and most superior supremacy user play, also if you want the configs hmu on discord syhper#1701 .
  18. God Damn - SuPremacy

    Can you please like and sub to me Thanks.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyxOM1z6lr8
  19. buying hacks

    so i went for 1 month hacks through paypal but it is giving error is their andy problem with payment?